Website outage - 25th October (Resolved)

Cloudflare can’t reach the web server

Error 523 ## Origin is unreachable

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Hi @Mark_Manning

Thank you for your post. We’re aware of this and actively looking into the issue. We’ll keep you posted with updates here and on our status page:

Error 522 Ray ID: 46f566f64e98bbde • 2018-10-25 14:34:38 UTC

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Hi @pelican @Simon_Stokes

We’re aware of the issue and currently investigating this. Please see the posts above, and also our status page:

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Hi, everything working fine then hit with a ‘Error 523’. Is this likely to be short term?


Is there a backup server we can run off?

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Hi @atnvending

The issue has been confirmed as a data centre issue. We’re working hard to resolve this and will get everything back up and running ASAP.

You can see the latest issues on our status page.

Hi, I have tried to log into our account and it says error with the following ‘the origin web server is not reachable.’

Has anyone else had this?

Error 523 Ray ID: 46f58aebf41ea9b4 • 2018-10-25 14:58:40 UTC

Origin is unreachable

@AVIE @Sohaib_Ahsan - We’re aware of the issue and are working with the data centre to get things back up and running. Please see the posts above for updates.

Ok noted and thanks, please do let us know when everything is operational again, thanks!

so No, there isn’t a second server/data centre which would mirror the data centre that is down.

Do you know at least if it’s a core system failure or if it’s a connection failure to the core system?

Will there be any data loss? Like today’s data till your last backup?

As soon as I confirmation on more details, I’ll happily share them. At this moment in time our technical staff are dealing with the issue and working with the data centre to get this resolved.

what is happening with quickfile today? I have this error
Error 523 Ray ID: 46f5a3d99b73bc20 • 2018-10-25 15:15:41 UTC Origin is unreachable

@portuguesestory - We are aware of this issue and working to resolve it. Please see the posts above for info.

Are we any closer to having this resolved?

@Simon_Stokes - We’re continuing to work on this with the data centre. As soon as I have any updates to share, I will let you know.

Sorry for the numpty question, but is there a follow button to get notifications on this thread, I can’t find one?

I’m guessing that I’ll get notifications now that I have replied, but if there is a proper way then I’d appreciate it for future use.

Appreciate the swift updates from Support.

Best regards

Hi @Ankie

Not a numpty question at all :slight_smile:

At the bottom of the topic, just above the list of “Suggested Topics”, you should have a button which says one of the following:

  • Normal
  • Tracking
  • Watching
  • Muted

If you click this and change it to “Watching”, you’ll be notified of every reply in the thread.
Typically, emails are only sent if you haven’t been active on the forum within 10 minutes.