Why was my Yodlee Bank feed cancelled in September 2019?

Hi Glenn - just logged back into my account and noticed that ALL my bank feeds have stopped working. Barclays 14/09/2019 and Lloyds 04/09/2019…any idea why?!

Hi @aubreymg

It sounds like these may have been Yodlee bank feeds?

With Payment Services Directive (PSD2) that came into force on 14th September 2019, we had to switch off all Yodlee bank feeds where there is an Open Banking equivalent. Banks included in the initial roll out of Open Banking would be the bigger banks in the UK, which does include both Barclays and Lloyds.

An email was sent out in August 2019 highlighting this change, and we also posted this on our forum, here: Migrating a Yodlee feed to Open Banking.

If you have a bank feed subscription, you can activate the Open Banking feeds as normal. However we can only import around 28 days worth of data prior to the connection date.

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