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Won't let me file VAT return

Hi I have tried to file for the first time my VAT return (I have done it with another business successfully). I get the message "by chRIS The VRN specified 815593317 was not found. This is my correct VAT number so do not understand why it won’t go through. (I am registered with HMRC too so that isn’t the problem).

Have you registered on the gov.uk website for online VAT submission?

Hi @Joelle,

Further to @Lurch, have you received the confirmation email from HMRC and when did you register with them? I know there have been some delays due to the influx of people registering so this may be why you are seeing the error.

Hi I did a couple of months ago and received a confirmation email. As i said have filed a return for my other business so know that I have done the same for both.

Hi @Joelle,

Have you got only the one gateway account? As I know some have multiple and this can sometimes cause problems if they have accidentally linked the wrong account? If you were to log in directly to HMRC do you see that MTD is activated? If you have checked all of these and that your VAT number is correct in the settings then you may need to contact HMRC

Hi Beth
I have 2 different Gateway accounts with HMRC. I just called them and from there end everything is fine but they say it is coming through from Quick File as if it is not using MTD. Is there something i have missed setting it up on Quick File?

In the QuickFile vat settings there’s a checkbox for “use MTD features” which needs to be ticked.

Hi @Joelle,

It may be worth having a quick read through this guide to make sure that all of your VAT settings are correct and inline with what is needed for MTD: HMRC Tax Accounts - MTD Returns

Hope this helps

Thank you Beth - I hadn’t given permission for HMRC to connect

All now working - thanks everyone!


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