Yodlee bank feed update password

I need to update the internet banking password in Yodlee and Quickfile, at present, Quickfile is not getting bank feeds from Yodlee, this is because our internet banking password has been changed, can anyone tell me where to update the password in Yodlee / quickfile please Thanks

Hi @Dave_dave

There isn’t a “change password” option as such, but if you remove the feed (by going to More Options from the bank statement view) and then re-add it, it will prompt you for your log in details again.

i am not sure how yodlee was originally set up, the administrator that set it up has now left the company, this has left me in the dark so to speak, is there a password and login in for Yodlee that is different to the QF login, if you are able to send step by step instructions, this would be really helpful



Yodlee works from within your QuickFile account (so same username and password to access the bank), but to connect with your bank itself it requires your bank details.

If you go to the bank account in question (on QuickFile), for example Banking >> Current Account, you will see a More Options button. Click this, and select Bank Feed Details. Here, you can Remove Feed, which completely removes Yodlee for that bank account on QuickFile.

The process is very much the same then to set it up - from the same page, go to More Options and select Activate Bank Feed and follow the steps here. This does differ depending on your bank, but please let us know if you need help and we’ll try our best.

One tip when setting it up - if you use a method that requires a unique code (e.g. from a handheld device), it won’t work automatically. If you have an option to use a passcode or memorable word, this should allow it to run each day without any issues.

I hope that helps?

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