How can I download a copy of my data?

hi, on another different subject, I would like to have a hard copy of my QF data, I just like to have everything backed up on a hard drive, in case of any unforeseen issues, i do this will all of my data, is there a way to download the accounts on to a memory stick or store on my hard drive, if so, could you post instructions for me please, Thanks in advance , Dave

Hi @Dave_dave

You can download a copy of your account data from within your account. Please see the below guide:

You can also download a copy of all your receipts that you’ve uploaded if you wish by following this guide:

I hope this helps.

Honestly , no , it does not help at all, i have looked at the links, i am none the wiser, could you please just tell me where in QF i can download my data, simple terms please, I do not understand the numerous links that you have sent to me

Hi @Dave_dave

I’m sorry to hear you couldn’t follow the guides at the 2 links I sent you - any feedback you have that we could use to improve these articles is appreciated. We obviously want them to be easy to follow and understand.

If you go to Account Settings and select All Settings, you will be presented with a list of options. Look for Weekly/monthly backups, which looks like this:


Click into this option and you will see an option to Run now. This will generate a .zip file containing your data in .csv format, which is compatible with spreadsheet software such as Excel. It takes a few minutes, but we will email this to you. It doesn’t however include your uploaded files (like receipts and invoices you’ve uploaded).

To download your files, you would need to go to Account Settings, select Tools and then Document Manager.


On this page you will see an option to Download Archive. This one can take a bit longer to generate due to the size of the files.


It’s also worth noting that these options are only available to the account administrator. If you don’t see this option, then you would need to contact them and ask them to run it for you.

I hope that’s easier for you, but please don’t hesitate to ask for further assistance.

Thank you very much for your assistance,

I have done the request, however, I have not received the download by email yet, is this because it will be sent to the administrator ? if so, the administrator on the account no longer works for the company and the email is theirs not ours, can we change administrators ? how would this be done ? we have no contact with the previous administrator.
how would i get the download sent tome as the operator ? in any event, i need this


I should point out that i do not need the receipt hub download as we do not upload receipts, it is our accounts data in QF that i need the download of.

will that be emailed to me ( ) or the old administrator ?

No problem!

If you set up a schedule in the first instance, you can change the email address to a more preferred one, and then click “Run now” to get it sent to that address. I recommend leaving the schedule in place anyway so you regularly have an updated copy sent to you.

The admin address can be changed by either asking them to change it, or with a few additional checks by us. If you would like send me a private message (click my name/avatar and then “Message”) with your account number, we’ll take a look at this and try and help switch this over for you.

That’s fine - I just wanted to include the details in case you did have any documents. Should you use it going forward, hopefully you’ll now know how to download them all :slight_smile:

I do need to change the administrator, as discussed previously, i have tried to message you privately, but i cant seem to click the avatar or name to message you, how can i message you



I will send you a private message now to discuss this further. Please look for the notification in the top right hand corner

where will i see the private message ?

You will see a green notification in the top right hand corner of the forums, to the left of your avatar:

If you then click your avatar, you will see all your notifications. The ones shown with a little envelope icon are private messages.

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