Yodlee for Lloyds personal account

Yodlee Bank Feeds does not connect to my Lloyds bank account - your email advert didn’t say it only supports business banking accounts. I have a separate current account at Lloyds for my property rental business Yodlee does not connect to this (unless I’m doing it wrong).

If I’m doing it wrong please help - I want it to work. I tried the url for the login page.

If it doesn’t support Lloyds normal accounts please refund me.

order ID is 5756322430

Thanks. David

I believe this option will work with Lloyds personal accounts:

Please let me know if that connects for you?

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Thanks for your help, but unfortunately on the 1st screen where the url is entered it says No results found for “https://www.lloydsbank.com/credit-cards.asp” Check your spelling.

Best. David

HI, Strangely typing that full url does not work, but I tried lots of similar alternatives, with not found every time.

Then I just put in lloyds on the url line, and the same url popped up below, I selected it, and it worked.

Thanks very much :slight_smile:

Best David

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I wasn’t aware you can search by URL, but I now see that option. As you say it seems the search only works when you enter the full URL. This is part of Yodlee’s interface, so I will feed that back to them.

Glad you managed to sort it in the end though.