Yodlee refresh times and dates

Following on from the above discussion. I have seen this with Metro bank.

I manually refreshed the feed on 3rd April for 27th and 29th March card transactions.

However noticed that there was a card transaction dated 29th March which it did not pick up. Maybe because it was not processed by 3rd April.

Bank transfers in and out of Metro get processed right away, so these are not an issue.

May I suggest that when we manually refresh the feed via yodlee, we get to choose a date range rather then specific date to import? I think it may help if we can refresh last 7 working days or 10 normal days worth of feeds whenever we refresh the feed manually. Can this be done?

Regarding automatic refresh of yodlee feeds , maybe going back 7 working days or 10 days may help too?

I look forward to your reply on this.

Hi @Sameera

I don’t believe we’re given an option to specify an end date for the data supplied to us by Yodlee.

I also don’t think that it’s something that’s going to change at this stage. As you’re aware, we are actively working on the Open Banking side of things which should improve things and give us better control over how the data from banks is handled, as well as making it more reliable.

We did send an email out on 23rd March relating to the feeds - hopefully you received it? In case you didn’t, here’s a summary:

  • We launched a Revolut banking feed on the 23rd March
  • We have a Tide.co banking feed in the works
  • We are registered with the Opening Banking scheme, and going through the FCA process to complete this
  • We have a Metro Bank feed scheduled for development in June/July of this year

There’s more on Open Banking and QuickFile, here:

OK. Makes sense.

THank you

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