Yodlee refresh times

why dose it take 8 + days to update the Quickfile bank records when the back statements are up to-date, all this is doing is causing the system to send late reminders when monies have been paid , got a nasty response from a client today regarding payments when he pays on time within 7 days i set his account to 14 days now have set it to 21

Hi @pelican

It shouldn’t be taking as long as 8+ days - at most, 3-4, and even this depends what bank the account is with.

What bank are you set up with?

Natwest - that is current screen shoot

NatWest does have a few days delay on it due to the way they show their transactions. We did originally have this with no delay, but it was causing quite a few problems for other users.

There’s more on the reasoning behind this here:

If it’s only (outgoing) card payments that are affected by this changing description, is there a way to identify just those in the feed (e.g. if they always start with "CARD " or similar), and delay only those entries but pull in everything else up to date? This would mean that your balance in QuickFile is potentially a bit out from the balance as shown on the bank’s side, but it would match how the other banks work, with incoming payments and outgoing standing orders/FPS transfers, etc. showing up immediately and card payments showing a few days later once they’ve cleared.

Hi @ian_roberts

Let me raise this with our development team in the first instance, to see how feasible this is and what the data we receive from Yodlee looks like. I’ll come back to you shortly.

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