Yodlee vs old bank feed system

I’m still using the old browser plugin for my bank, but I’m wondering if the new Yodlee system will replace this completely at some point. If so, is there a timeline so I know when to switch over (or will the original bank feed system continue for the forseeable future). Many thanks.

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We’ll continue to support our own plugin for the foreseeable future, as we want to provide as many bank feed options as we can. If there were to be any change to this policy we’d provide at least 3 months advanced notice.

The only exception to this is if the banks were to introduce breaking changes that made it very difficult or impossible to continue supporting a given feed. While we have these options in place we are also keenly following developments with the Open Banking Standard.

Thanks Glenn. Is the original plugin option open to new subscribers? I’ve just taken on a client and they can only find the Yodlee option. Thanks again for your help.

The Chrome plugin should be accessible for all users. You just need to install the plugin on your browser.

It’s possible our own automatic Barclays Feed may not be accessible on new accounts. If you recheck in 30 minutes it should be there.

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Thanks Glenn. That’s awesome as always.

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