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Barclays bank feed


Important: Our native Barclays Bank feed has now been discontinued and replaced by the Yodlee feed (covering a wide range of banks). To learn more about Yodlee please click here.

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This guide explains how you can link your online Barclays account with QuickFile. This will keep QuickFile constantly synchronised with your Barclays online account saving you time importing or manually entering all your bank transactions.

The bank feed facility will stream in all your new transactions every 24 hours without you having to do a thing. All you need to do is setup the initial bank feed by entering your online Barclays credentials into the secure area in QuickFile.

Please note: the feed doesn’t import historical data. It will only pick up data from the date it was set up. You can import older data using the import option

Configuring Barclays to work with QuickFile

Before you can activate the bank feed you first need to enable access to your Barclays online account by setting up a passcode and memorable word. The passcode and memorable word provide a way to access your Barclays account without the need to use a pinsentry device.

When your Barclays account is accessed using the passcode and memorable word combination, the privileges for making payments and transfers are
restricted only to beneficiaries already saved on your Barclays account. QuickFile will only ever access the account to retrieve your latest transactions, no payments or transfers can be made using the bank feed.

Setting up a Passcode and Memorable Word

To setup a memorable word and passcode, please follow the guide here:

How do I setup my memorable word and passcode?

Once saved you will now be able to log into your Barclays account without the need of a pinsentry device. You will however have reduced privileges when accessing your account in this way.

Setting up your Bank Feed on QuickFile

Once you have setup your passcode and memorable word with Barclays you can now configure your feed in QuickFile.

When you have logged into QuickFile you will need to click the option to view all bank accounts. View the bank that you wish to set the feed up for, and then go to 'More Options and select 'Bank Feed Details. If the option doesn’t appear then you will need to check the bank settings to ensure that the correct bank is selected on the drop down ‘Bank Name’ menu. If Barclays is selected then the option will appear.

You will now be able to securely enter your Barclays credentials in the settings screen. Here are a couple of the options explained.

Feed Start Date

Your new Barclays feed will always start from the date you set up the feed on QuickFile. We will not go back and retrieve historical data from your account, and if you need to import historical data you can either download a CSV file from Barclays with the period you need or use our Chrome Bank Feed Extension.

Duplicate Filtering Policy

QuickFile has an integrated duplicate filtering policy, this makes it less likely that we will double up on transactions. The feed will not import a transaction if it finds an existing one with the same date, description, and amount. If you manually pay down invoices in QuickFile then there's a good chance it will not trigger the filter, therefore it's recommend you only stick to importing and then tagging everything from the bank side.

Testing your bank feed

When you first enter your credentials or if you change the bank feed login credentials, QuickFile will perform a quick test to ensure it can communicate with your bank. This usually happens within about 30 mins of the feed being created. You can alway go into the feed settings page from the bank and pull up a connection report to see any attempts we've made and if the connection was successful.

The feed runs once every 24 hours just after midnight. If you need to pause or remove the feed completely then you can do this by clicking on the ‘Feed Settings’ button available on the bank overview screen.

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