Yourkshire Building Society Open banking feed


QF is telling me that my Yorkshire Building Society feed is now available on open banking, as does your documentation here - Migrating a Yodlee feed to Open Banking. However, only the Yorkshire Bank, i.e. not Building Society, is showing as available in the open banking feed list when I try and migrate from Yodlee.

Please could you clarify?

Hi @bernie

Yes, Yorkshire Building Society is supported through Open Banking.

Just to double check, the list you’re referring to, is that the one on the “Open Banking Feeds” page?

Hi bernie,
I had a look on my account it is availabe, see below.

After you have created your bank account. click on View and then on More Option. There you find the option Activate Bank Feed

Hi Matthew, Thanks for the response. The Building Society is missing from the list of available organisations when you try to add open banking.

The list stops at the Yorkshire Bank.

Apologies @bernie. I’ve just checked with our development team and this hasn’t been fully rolled out yet. We’re in the process of doing this over the next few weeks.

OK. Thanks Matthew, I’ll stick with Yodlee for now then.

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