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Zapier Document Upload

Are there any plans to add more methods to Zapier? I’ve finally got fed up of Dropbox and Synology causing me an absolute nightmare so have managed to get Zapier to do several Zaps to get my files from Drive to Dropbox (and then tidy up the source folder similar to how QF does the Dropbox movements) along with several cron jobs. However, it doesn’t work exactly how I’d like and could be prone to error as the pricing model of Zapier is a bit of a jump for the sake of being able to do it in one zap with 3 steps.

However, it would be much easier if the Document_Upload method was available in the Zapier integration so I could simply move the file from Drive to Quickfile. I’d imagine this could also be useful to make the Receipt Hub more universal.

Hi @Lurch

There aren’t any plans at the moment, but we’ve made a note of your interest, and will monitor the wider interest in this request too.