Zettle integration

Hi there

I’m going to be using izettle for mobile card payments for services. Would be lovely to see integration or an easy method for accounting such payments.

From what I understand iZettle turns your tablet or phone into a physical card terminal. What sort of integration did you have in mind?

Well to be honest I’m new to all accounting concepts and anything to make my work as quick easy and understandable is a plus. If there isn’t a way to integrate with money coming in minus transaction costs is there a recommended method? I wonder if payments come in as individual payments to make it easy to tag… Or as bulk payments.

Love it so far

If we can get more support for an iZettle integration we can definitely look further into this. I’m guessing it would work on the basis of a data feed so that any iZettle transactions get brought into your Quick File account.

Some of these integrations are quite complex so to invest the resources needed to develop a solution we would need to see some support from other users.

Pleased to hear that the software is working for you :slight_smile:

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Well it seems to make sense even though I’m never accounted before.

If any accountants here have dealt with izettle or similar payments before would offer advice I’d certainly take it. I aim to use gocardless too which I may need tips with.


Izettle allows excel exports to be made. http://help.izettle.com/customer/portal/articles/1318029-accounting

Is this of any use? What would be the best procedure


Yes this would certainly be useful. You would basically treat iZettle like a bank account in Quick File, if iZettle can provide an export in CSV format (which I’m sure they can), you can then import this into the Quick File merchant account. Without actually seeing how the Excel file is presented I can’t say at this stage how difficult it would be to import into your Quick File account.

Feel free to send me a private message with an example of the CSV and I can help you with the import process.

Thanks sent you a pm with example CSV. :smile:

Any more news on integration of izettle. I also use this, and iZettle is fairly popular. Popular enough to be used in the hospitality of the british gand prix last year, and this coming year.

Regards Laurie

The only integration we will be able to offer is for CSV imports. iZettle is for mobile payments, the CSV integration will ensure that any CSV report downloaded from iZettle can be imported into QuickFile. You can still do this manually by mapping the columns however automating the import will handle the mapping for you. Would this work?

Hi Glen

Yes this would be good. I have not used my iZettle a great deal, as we are only just getting up and running, but would make it a fundamental means of taking payment if it is easy to import the data into quickfile.


Once we get an example of the CSV downloaded from iZettle we will start work on this. If you want to send me one you can do so using glenn@quickfile.co.uk. We just need a clear idea of the format of the report so we can work with it on QF.

Hi Glenn

Thanks for your support on this. I think many will find this useful.
You should have one already. Sam_James pm’d one to you previously in this thread.


Yep I have one from Sam, although as it only had one line of data, we had some doubts as to what it was actually showing. It was referred to as a product report, but we need to know if this is reflecting invoice totals or just products sold.

I’ve returned to Sam to clarify on this matter. We will pick this up again when we have some further clarification.

Hi Glen

I have sent you some files, unfortunately with no data. I think the file sam sent you is not much use in quickfile. The ones I have sent are for transactions using the izettle reader, and the tranfers from izettle system to the business bank account.

I will talk to izettle to see if they could supply a file with more data as an example.


Thanks Laurie, I am sure that will be very helpful.

Just a quick follow up here, I have since had a chat with a representative of iZettle.

Unfortunately they only provide reports in XLS format, no CSV. This is limiting as XLS is not a universal format and is native to Excel. They also don’t have any sort of API for pulling transactional information from accounts.

At this time you will only be able to export the iZettle report as XLS then convert to CSV manually in Excel. We’re happy to provide a simple upload option that sorts out the column mappings but that’s the best we can do given what’s available here.

Hi Glenn

That sound fair enough. Anything that helps is good, and hopefully encourage other iZettle users to use your system. Thanks for your time, We are just about to migrate our info over, so I’m sure I may have to call on you for some guidance.

Thanks for your help with this.


There are libraries that you can use to extract the data from .xls files (e.g.this post on stack overflow if you’re in the ASP.NET world, I’ve used Apache Poi to do the same in Java). If there were sufficient demand for this then there are ways import from XLS could be implemented.

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Thanks Ian, I think that’s what we would do.

As you say, we’d probably want to see more demand before bringing in a new library, or at least somewhere else we could make good use of it.