Account balance screen not showing prepayments

On the clients screen it only shows balances owing. If a customer over pays it would be nice if it showed the amount instead of a 0.

Hi @Hactar

On the client management screen, there is an option to turn on a specific credits column under Advanced Search:

This will then show the credits and the account balance column:

The credits column was added as a result of feedback quite some time ago. This way you can see what is on the account, and what’s owed at the same time.

Hope that helps!

That leads to a few follow-ups then…

  1. The “Account Balance” column isn’t actually an account balance, but a “Debit Balance”, should it be renamed? Perhaps from “Credits” and “Account Balance” to “Credit Balance” and “Debit Balance”?
  2. This setting is not remembered across requests, could the “Credits” column be shown by default? This would also help alleviate the confusion caused by the name of the “Account Balance” column.
  3. If not default, could it at least be remembered as a user preference?
  4. Could we get a total row at the bottom?
  1. I’ve passed this to my colleague to have a look at, but I can’t make any promises or offer any timeframes

  2. You can do this yourself via the advanced customisation. It does however require a Power User Subscription. There’s more details here

  3. Point 2 should fix that.

  4. We’re always careful not to try and add much more information to pages to avoid an information overload and overcrowding them. However, all this data is available elsewhere on the system, for example, prepayments are listed in the Historical Debtors and Creditors report which allows you to view it at any point in time. Similarly, the balance is also available on the dashboard.

  1. What would be perfect on this is all 3 columns available (still optional is fine) so Credit Balance, Debit Balance and Account Balance. You know, if we are asking anyway. :smile:
  2. & 3 okay, I’m just a free user at the moment but I don’t begrudge you making money, perhaps I’ll get that later when I grow a bit.
  3. I may be going blind but I don’t see a Historical Debtors and Creditors report anywhere, another premium feature?

You can show all three columns by using a little bit of code. Once you have a Power User Subscription, you should be able to achieve this fairly easily. However, we’re always here if you need help :slight_smile:

The Historical Debtors and Creditors report is under Reports >> Show all reports:

You can then see a full list of outstanding invoices for the date you enter, and see the pre-payments:

This is available as standard. You could even add a link to your left hand menu for quick reference too :wink:

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