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Bank Feed not working with Barclays


I am using your paid for feature which has worked ok (not great) since I got it but now is not working at all - it is asking me to put in my old security details and does not give me the option to use the system not only my bank uses but the system I have used without problem since I bought the feature.

I would like that resolved.

I also want to make the point that a paid for feature should make a system better not worse - your free banking system is a lot better than the paid for one.


Hello @draelectricals

Can I just confirm that this is Yodlee that you’re referring to? What error messages are you seeing exactly?


It’s through Barclays - it now wants me to input my membership number, passcode and memorable word which I don’t use - I use a Pin sentry system which has worked fine (not great but worked) - I’m not prepared to set up new security details when I am meant to be paying for a better service than this


Unfortunately the restrictions on the data with Barclays would require a memorable word set up to be automated. You can certainly use your pinsentry device, but because of the nature of it (that is - you need to have the device and be present), means we wouldn’t be able to automate it.

The good news is however, with Open Banking being phased in from various banks, and with QuickFile in the process of setting this up (subject to FCA approval), this may change in the future. But I can’t provide any timelines on this at the moment I’m afraid.

I just want to clarify this point too - We don’t offer a free banking feed at present, so I’m not sure which one you’re referring to here. However, we did used to have the old QuickFile Barclays feed, but this worked in the same way as the above. The Chrome plugin does work differently, but this requires you to be present to log in anyway.

If you mean more of the Power User Subscription, this doesn’t affect any of the core functionality of your account - it just adds to it (e.g. segmented profit and loss reports, split tagging, advanced design customisation, etc.)


Before I signed up to the paid feature I had the chrome feed which fed into my statement automatically - every time I logged in to quickfile my bank statement had updated.

I was led to believe the paid service was better, but quickly found it wasn’t as I had to log in to my bank every time I wanted quick file to download the statement - which was a step more than I had to do previously.

However, I put up with that and it worked ok - I had to use my mobile pin sentry system and put the code in on Quickfile which worked, right until I first raised this thread when it stopped offering that feature and wanted me to completely change the way I do my online banking log in to a system that hasn’t been used for years - the use of a memorable word and passcode - I DO NOT USE THIS SECURITY FEATURE WITH THE BANK BECAUSE IT IS NOT SECURE - that’s why the bank replaced that with the mobile pin sentry system but for some reason your system has all of a sudden stopped offering that system to log in.

When I complained about the poor paid for system previously I was told if I gave it another go and still was not satisfied I could have a full refund without any issues - I have asked for that - I would like a full refund please - the paid for service is WORSE than the free service.


That’s no problem, we’ll have the bank feed subscription fully refunded.

We use a company called Yodlee to deliver this service, so we have little control to change how it works. As Mathew mentioned, we are currently seeking FCA approval so we can link to Barclays directly and utilise the new OpenBanking APIs. We’ll advise all our users when this becomes available.


Hi, I paid £72.00 for the upgraded feature in April, but you have only refunded £18.00 - when will the rest be refunded?


We charge £15 + VAT p.a. for the bank feed subscription, this is to cover our own costs with Yodlee. Presumably you also ordered a Power User Subscription at the same time, this is a requirement for all accounts that are graded “Large” or above (i.e. 1,000 nominal transactions over a 12 month period).

You can find more on our pricing here:

And more info here on how account sizes are calculated;
Account size explained

Hope that clarifies.


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