Changes to Sales Invoice Creation?

Trying to creates some sales invoices and having problems. Normally I Have a draft sales invoice that i copy with all the categories I need, i.e. clothing, footwear, misc etc. I then put in the total amount for each category. But I can no longer enter the total amount, I can only enter the unit cost now which means i have to manually work out the cost of the items minus vat and enter that. Is there something I’m missing or have you made changes again?

Hi @scoobeski

We haven’t made any changes here, with the exception of adding a thousand separator in the totals box.

Just to make sure I understand correctly, you’re looking to enter the gross amount of the transaction so the system calculates the VAT for you. Is that correct?

yeah that’s correct. Ok so the “Enter line totals inclusive of VAT” was was unchecked. I did try checking it as it should be but this didn’t change the ability to edit gross amounts. However after closing the draft and starting again i’m actually able to edit the gross amount. Not sure what was going on there o.O

Hmm. Does sound a little odd! But I’m glad it’s working for you now.

If you do experience it again, please let us know and we’ll happily investigate further :slight_smile:

not sure why the box had become unticked and i’m not sure why ticking it didn’t make any difference. Thanks for your help, will let you know if it happens again :slight_smile:

For some reason the tick box for “Enter line totals inclusive of VAT” is not staying ticked when i modify a draft invoice. Any idea why this is happening?

Do you mean it’s changing half way through editing, or if you save it and go back into it?

if i save it and go back into it

I don’t believe this setting is one that’s remembered between page movements. Do you always use this option, or is it just now and then?

i’ve used this option for as long as i’ve used quickfile which is a couple of years now. its always been remembering the selection. Just seems odd that it’s only just started happening today. Also a bit odd that if you create a draft invoice and add the information that you require and save it it doesn’t save all the information you require

I’ve asked one of our developers to look into this for you.

@scoobeski - Apologies for the delay in coming back to you. I’ve discussed this with a developer, and we can see there’s custom code on your account (originally from this post).

However, we’ve tested the code you have and it works fine - it ticks the VAT Inclusive box and works as you would expect.

What web browser and operating system are you using? Are you able to try on another browser and see if works for you then please?