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Classed as a Large Company ... how?

Hi, I am now being asked to pay for a subscription to your service, when my business is very small, and you now consider me to somehow be a ‘Large’ business. The name of the business is MurrayData Limited. We do on average 15 transactions per month, so maybe 180 transactions per year. Can someone explain this to me, as I had to press a button this morning in logging in which only gives me 2 more weeks (defer) before I have to buy a subscription? Thanks, Ken.

Hi @Ken_R

The categories are based on the number of nominal ledger entries which are made up of a few things, including:

  • Bank transactions
  • Sales invoices
  • Purchase invoices
  • Journals

If you’ve deferred the notice, you will have 2 weeks unrestricted access to QuickFile. During this time, there are a few reports you can find to look at your usage. I’ve included some links below which may help:

Hope this helps!

If you’re vat registered then each fully paid up sale or purchase means at least five nominal entries, so it adds up faster than you think. If you’re taking payments via a merchant service rather than direct by BACS then that’ll add more nominal entries for the bank transfers, payroll generates more, etc. etc.

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