Connection to HMRC MTD

I am new on Qucifile and I do not know how to connect the single accounts to use MTD.
This is the only function I need.
Any help? I bought a multiple affinity? account…

Hi @alfi82

Do you have an agents account with HMRC and looking to submit returns on your clients behalf?

This are our companies that I am doing the VAT returns.
Just wanted to know if you were able to check our account and see if I missed something.

Hi @alfi82

No problem.

Can I confirm that you’ve enrolled for MTD with HMRC, and received the confirmation email from them? If not, you can enrol by following this guide.

If so, have you linked your HMRC and QuickFile account? If not, you can do this by following the guide, here.

hi @alfi82,

Have you managed to register with HMRC for MTD ok now?

Hi I have successfully completed and sent and have received a receipt from HMRC my first VAT return using QuickFile for MTD. So all good there! Thanks.!

EC sales List is another story. On the above Return there was ES sales made and on the bottom of the completed VAT return there was a button for EC Sales list in green at the bottom . I clicked on that and then a new screen opened up on QuickFile Value Added Tax EC Sales List again with a button in green saying SUBMIT clicked that and it come s back with a pink Failed notice stating as follows;- EC Sales submission to HMRC failed.
By Gateway : Authentication Failure. The supplied user credentials failed validation for the requested service.

So is this something not correct with the system or is it me? I have checked into the old HMRC online system and I can still send the EC sales list via that if that is correct or do we have to go through MTD/Quickfile system? Help please

Hi @Stridey

ECSL is still submitted using the older system rather than MTD.

If you go to the VAT settings (Reports >> VAT Returns >> VAT Settings), you should see an option to enable this, and enter your HMRC credentials for this service.

Hope this helps.

Hi Thanks. So you say ECSL is still submitted using the older system online via HMRC using Government Gateway user ID number. That is how I have had to do this for the ECSL in question.

However I have tried the

and it will not recognise my details as on QuickFile the Government Gateway ID isn’t accepted I believe or something else on the QuickFile data required for settings for ECSL?

Thinking about it I have never had success submitting ECSL via the QuickFile system.

What am I doing wrong? I don’t have a user name?
Thanks for any help you can give as I would submit ECSL via quickfie as it will be easier as the data is already entered on the form for submission that way.

Hi @Stridey

The username and password would be the same ones are you use to log into HMRC to view/submit ECSL directly. It may or may not be the same ones as you use to view your VAT details (some users have multiple HMRC logins for different services).

Thanks but I use the same supplied for the HMRC to view/submit ECSL separately as I have already complete my latest one and submitted it using the HMRC site. The problem is using the QuickFile system to submit ECSL via that platform.

I just tried to re-submit the existing one and the same error gets put up in red as below which was exactly the same as I got last week prior to submitting the ECSL?

EC Sales submission to HMRC failed.
By Gateway : Authentication Failure. The supplied user credentials failed validation for the requested service.

Please could you advise what the issue is?

Hi @Stridey,

The error you are seeing is returned by HMRC and suggests that your log in details are incorrect.

I would double check they are correct, maybe removing the details and re-adding them to make sure that they have been typed correctly.

If you are sure that the details are correct then you may need to contact HMRC.

Hi Beth
Thanks but done just that repeatedly.

So if its not QuickFile I will contact HMRC but I think they will say its QuickFile as again I checked on the HMRC online and this user id (Government Gateway Number) and password are all correct. Perhaps you could check with your software developers also and is any once else getting this issue on the forum?

Hi @Stridey,

We have checked and there have been some successful submissions this morning so it doesn’t look like it’s a common issue.

Just to add the @QFBeth’s reply, I’ve done a quick test on our end, and as far as I can tell the credentials are fine.

However, just to check, if you log into this account directly on the HMRC website, do you see this on your dashboard?

As I mentioned above, some users have various HMRC log ins for VAT, ECSL, PAYE etc., so it may just be the case that it’s the wrong login.

Yes thats the exact one I see and again I just logged in using my government gateway user ID and password and it opened up into another screen where I was able to access the ECSL I uploaded onto that HMRC site via above portal on Friday. I only use one Government gateway user id and password and used this for VAT also but not now of course I’m using the MTD via QuickFile which works brilliantly!
Any further ideas?

Hi @Stridey,

The error is returned by HMRC so it may be best contacting them as they may have some further information.

Sorry we couldn’t be more help

CAN Can I get some help with this, please? I have registered for MTD and have had an acceptance email from HMRC but when I try to connect I am getting this error in Quickfile:

HMRC Connection Error

NOT_FOUND. The remote endpoint has indicated that no data can be found

Hi @robertcbrown,

If you log into your HMRC account directly do you see that MTD is live and active on your account?

Hi Beth,

thanks for coming back to me. Yes, it appears to be just fine.

Also, they are giving me an option to opt-out so that must mean I have been registered just fine and I also had an email from them some time ago.

Screenshot 2021-04-10 at 10.39.26