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Cooperative Bank feeds no longer working!

I’ve just paid for another year’s ‘Power-User’ subscription, but have found that on the same day my Coop Bank bank feeds - which were working fine until yesterday - are now ‘no longer available’.

Is there any point in having Quickfiles, or should I just ask for a refund?

The error message suggests setting up a ‘Manual feed’, but doesn’t explain what this is or how much extra work it would entail.

All sounds a bit rubbish to me. Anyone else having similar problems and found a way around this new hurdle?

Hi JBond2,
I’m not with CO-OP Bank. It looks like your bank does not support open banking at the moment or quickfile hasn’t it integrated yet. Click on the link below for the currently supported banks.
I think you may used the yodlee feed but this one is discontinued, I think from 12/3/20. That is not a quickfile decision. I think it is not longer allowed in the UK and EU because it is not secure enough. So, if you only use the power subscription for your Co-op feed then it would be worth to ask for a refund. But the power user subscription offers much more and you may already use these features. Check here: Power User Subscription

Hi @JBond2

Just to add to @rhc’s post above, the Power User Subscription is separate from the bank feed subscription.

I’ve had it confirmed today that The Co-operative bank doesn’t support Open Banking but rather a minimum requirement solution (known as MCI) which requires much more work on our end. That’s not to say we won’t support it, but given the amount of work involved, it’s difficult to prioritise it over banks who do support Open Banking.

Even as it stands, they haven’t yet launched this solution. Metro Bank is a similar situation, as my colleague explains here.

The changes come into effect on the 14th March. I would certainly encourage you to raise this with your bank as they are the ones who would ultimately add Open Banking support.

Also as @rhc mentions, our list of supported banks can be found on our website.

Many thanks, QFMathew.

I will speak to the Coop Bank to see if they have any plans to support Open Banking.

In the meantime, whom should I speak to about getting a refund for the Power-User subscription?

I feel I was tricked into getting this, when renewing the standard service would have been a more sensible solution. I do not need any of the additional features of the Power-User rate, yet the standard service wasn’t offered to me as an option in the renewal email.

I wish you had a Customer Service number!

The QuickFile model is that a Power User subscription is something that any size of account can choose to pay for, to gain access to the additional features, but only accounts over a certain size must pay for. There is no “standard service [renewal] option” as such, the “standard service” for a small account would be not to renew the subscription at all.

@QFSupport Maybe it would help if the renewal reminder email included a note of the size band that your account is graded at that time, to be clearer whether the subscription is a requirement or an optional extra. I guess the definition is that the subscription is optional for

  • all accounts that are M or smaller
  • any account connected to Affinity, regardless of size

and required for L or XL accounts that are not connected to Affinity.

I will send you a private message to discuss your subscriptions. But just to note - the Power User Subscription does not give you the bank feeds, the Bank Feed Subscription does.

Unfortunately, this isn’t feasible given what we charge. But we’re active on the forums during office hours, and although we aim to respond within 24 hours, we usually respond within a few minutes.

OK, thanks. Yes, it seems the reason we have the Power User account is simply because of the number of transactions we do. As I said, we don’t use (or need) any of the other features in the bundle.

Another one here who uses the Cooperative bank.

DOes anyone know if there are any accounting software that uses the banking feed that the Cooperative bank uses?

Hi @druidude

This would be a question more for a generic accounting forum. This forum is for QuickFile support.


Here’s how to get a feed from your Coop bank account. It’s a bit cumbersome, but it works.

Log in to your Coop Bank account.
From left hand menu Click on “Accounts Information” and choose “Transactions”.
Select the appropriate Account and put in the required date range.
Press the blue Go button
Then go to the bottom of the screen and click the blue Reports button
Click the CSV radio button and click the blue Generate Report button - the CSV file should download to your computer.
Select your bank account that you wish to update in QuickFile
On the grey “More Options” button click and select “Upload Statement”
Make sure Cooperative Bank is selected from the drop-down menu, then upload your CSV file.
You will have the opportunity to get rid of any conflicts/duplicates

Job done :slight_smile:

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Excellent, many thanks, Chris!

A useful workaround until (we hope) the Co-op gets round to updating its system to accept bank feed requests from Quickfile.

Best wishes, Jim

The Co-operative bank have updated their banking system. It is awful. But that is another matter.

The format of their csv downloads have changed and now quickfile cannot understand it. All transactions become withdrawals. Is there any way to upload this anymore? Can you update your system to understand the new files perhaps?

I believe that Coop are doing a phased rollout so somebody will always have the “wrong” feed until it is over. Please see this thread:

I agree its terrible , but have got a work around thats not too cumbersome
If you go to upload your CSV as normal but rather than using Co operative bank scroll down to "Other "
it does upload as it should , it will then come up with a box and ask you to say what column you want where , I uses no 1 for date no 4 for description and then I think its 5 for amount but thats self explanatory I think it depends what you want to show in your quick file account . I chose no 4 simply so I can see who the payment is from

any queries get back to me will try and send a screen shot

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Hi, I have just tried the workaround but quickfile does not seem to recognise the columns on the csv. there are dropdown menu boxes but they all show column 1 and no others to select in the dropdown. see screenshot? anyone had the same problem.
I have to admit i will probably change something now. Maybe the co-op have to finally go. the online banking is such a headache to use it is driving me insane. best small business bank?

Hi @axispara

Looking at the screenshot, I can’t see any commas in the line (which is what we look for - CSV = Comma Split Values).

If you open the file in something like notepad on your computer, can you see commas, or is it just one long line?

Thanks, I think the file was corrupt, i have downloaded again now and it is working as it should.

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