Creating records and tagging payments from the Receipt Hub

When adding debit card payments, I make the entry using the scanned receipt and tick the paid box, paid by my bank account. However, when bank tagging, the receipt entry gets tagged and an an additional untagged entry appears for the amount, hence duplicating the transaction.

I then have to manually delete the untagged duplicate entries.

What am I doing wrong?

Should I not acknowledge the receipt as paid so that the bank tagging allocates the payment?

When you create a purchase record in the Receipt Hub and mark it as paid it will add a new transactions to the bank. If you have already uploaded your bank statement then yes this will result in two transactions. Deleting the untagged item (which probably came from uploading the statement) would fix this.

If you want to avoid the duplication in the first place then when you mark as paid in the Receipt Hub the system should throw up any transactions that match the amount, if you click on the matching transaction rather than the green button it will link the receipt to the existing bank entry, rather than creating a new one.