Show Matching Bank Transactions Before Tagging from Receipt Hub

I was browsing the forum and came across this post;

This appears to be a feature which has disappeared, but it would be useful for me, and I’m sure many others as well as why does clicking the 'this item is paid' create duplicate transactions appears to be a common query.

That feature of matching against a bank entry from the Receipt Hub should still be there.

If you select the bank account with the matching untagged entry (must be the same date and amount), it should get picked up.

Interesting, I’ve never seen that and I’ve seen quite a few people posting on here who have obviously not seen this either.

I just tried it when tagging a few receipts myself and it didn’t pick anything up. Is the date range for matching configurable? I think it might be because most of my transactions are paid via debit card they are always a day or 2 out.

Yeh right now there is no ± range, it has to match exactly. I can certainly see if it’s possible to extend ± 7 days. I think that would be useful.


I wrongly assumed there was no range, in fact the range is set to 14 days. I just tested this with a bank entry on the 10th July and a purchase invoice on the 1st July, it picked up.

I think that would be useful. It would make tagging even easier. :slight_smile:

I’m still slightly wary of the way it works currently as it would appear that if there isn’t an exact matching transaction it will just create a duplicate. Could the search for matching transactions be initiated when you check the ‘this item is paid in full’ box, or failing that checking the box should change the button from ‘input new transaction’ to ‘search for matching transactions’.

See above, you still need to make sure the selected bank account is correct. It doesn’t scan all accounts.

Yeah, just seen the edit. The correct account is selected when I’ve checked this. I have also had exactly the same issue on an another account recently as well. I have another couple of receipts to scan in later so I’ll recheck this but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work for me for some reason.

I’ll report back when I’ve retested.

OK we’ll run a few tests our side too. Just to make sure everything is getting picked up.

OK, I’ve scanned in some receipts and seen how this works now.

The UI isn’t great here so I can see why people get in a tangle at this point. It would be an idea if the workflow was altered as per my post above as you don’t know until after you have clicked the button what will happen.

Yes admittedly it’s easy to miss.

I will see if it’s feasible to implement your first suggestion, although it could be tricky as we’d need to search across all accounts. There’s also the chance for some users it could throw up a lot of false positive results.

I will defer this and see what they say.

OK - I have been trying to get my act together. I have an Amazon business account linked to my current account/card and after purchase(some time after purchase to be fair when getting around to VAT return) have uploaded receipts via dropbox to receipt hub.

So I now have a receipt in receipt hub and a transaction that needs tagging in the bank account.

I go to receipt hub and chose “tag me” - put in the total amount and its not found as an untagged transaction. So I out in the date (6 weeks ago) and tick that it has been paid from the current account. Still the transaction isn’t picked up and I have to create a new “purchase” - AND need to remember to select the correct account to be searched. Assuming I do it does in fact find the transaction.

However, on a second receipt, the total (from an October transaction) was the same as a couple in Jan. Surely the search should be ALL untagged transaction and not just the 14 day window described above.

My observation is that if you do this regularly, then it probably works - if you do it occasionally and or just when you need to do the 1/4ly VAT return, then the workflow (and instructions) could be improved (like all untagged transactions all accounts or a selectable default account to search)…

Hi @HammerofPompey

If I’ve understood correctly, you’re looking to tag an uploaded document to a purchase outside of the 14 day window? Or does it relate more to the bank transactions rather than the purchases themselves?

There was an update in May 2016 which allowed the search range for the purchase invoices to be increased to up to 6 months, editable from Account Settings >> Advanced Features. I’m not sure if that would help?

Secondly, If I “miss” the date change on a receipt, and merely create a purchase- can I link that purchase from the current account - it seems to me I tag the receipt and create a purchase - and then from the account, I create another which seems to me double account for the same thing…

OK - that seems to work, thanks…

Similar concept - the looking to tag the current account - payment made to a supplier - I find the supplier and want to attached an image/pdf as the invoice… can’t see where I can pick link the invoice at teh same time, so all I do is create a new purchase order…

I’m not sure I’m following here sorry? The option of “Payment made to a supplier” sounds like you’re tagging a payment from the bank statement page, in which case there isn’t an option to add a file (like an image or PDF) at the same time. This would either be done through the receipt hub, or uploaded to the invoice from the preview screen.

Yup - when tagging a payment from a supplier, I’d like the ability to attach the image/pdf of the invoice at that point, possibly from my hard drive or as a one off upload. Appreciate it may not be available now, BUT, suggest many people would benefit from such functionality… In the meantime, what do you mean by “uploaded to the invoice from the preview screen”? If it’s what I think, then it’s a two stage process of tag, then attach from the QF generated purchase invoice, rather than "Tag > Payment from Supplier> “upload invoice”

We’re keen not to bloat the tagging process out too much as like the receipt hub, it’s supposed to be a quick and easy way to tag your payments. However, you’re more than welcome to start a new feature request for this and we can consider it for future development if there’s enough interest from the community.

It sounds like we’re both on the same wavelength here :+1:. It’s the one at the bottom of the invoice preview - there’s a little “upload” option which allows you to select a file to be attached.

Hmm, suggest that maybe in that case its an advanced option to turn on for “upload invoice during tagging”.

Talking of tagging, despite creating rules for auto tagging, (advanced autotagging in on) the rule doesn’t appear to be being applied, so rather than confirm, I have to “tag”… maybe it’s a different thread - but to me it’s all related…

This is a feature request for a new feature within QuickFile. If you require support, can you start a new thread in the “Support” category so other users with the same issue can easily find it please? It also helps us track the interest in this feature going forward.

I definitely agree on that. Each time I click on the “Create new purchase”, I hope that it will be able to pick up the transaction from the account. I would be nice to have a button to launch the search for a matching transaction before clicking on “Create new purchase”.