Deleting a field in Client Satements

Hi, we are trying to clear up our accounts in quickfile and are finding that our customers are getting confused when comparing the invoiced field to the payments received frield which appears directly below and also at the bottom of the statement. Is there any way to delete/hide these field so that the client just sees which invoices are outstanding?

Hi @kimmy1307,

You can do this using some custom code, there is a similar post answered here:

Hope this helps

Thanks for your reply and I’m sure this could help except that I have no idea where to find the ‘Preset Templates’ area in Quickfile? If you could point me in the right direction that would be great, thanks :wink:

Hi @kimmy1307,

If you go to Account settings >> Design Customisation there is then an option for the advanced customisation

Thanks for that, I have found the area and have tried to do this plus also removing the footer payment field, the preview looks exactly right but sadly it doesn’t work when I go to the statements in the system :frowning:

The ‘Payments’ footer field has now been removed but I still see the two invoiced & payments fields at the top are filled even though the preview document shows those as ‘–’ ? This is what I have put in the box
.invoice-label-row4 { display:none; }
.footer-pay-GBP-row { display:none; }

Sorry, I didn’t realize I needed your comlpete option text, I’ve now changed it and that has worked beautifully now, many thanks for helping on this :wink:

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