Detailed nominal/general ledger report

Hi Glenn,

Is there a detailed general ledger report where I can see and export the detail for each nominal ledger (item on the chart of accounts)? The report I have exported gives the figures and a purchase invoice QF00009 OR sales invoice10 description but I was looking for a description of what was actually on those invoices and posted to those nominal ledgers.

I can see that this detailed can be view for each individual account on it’s own and then exported but I would like to print say all the profit and loss ledgers out for checking.

Many thanks


If you go to Reports >> Chart of Accounts there is an option to export the full Chart of Accounts with all the respective ledger entries.

If you’re interested in just the P&L you can refer to all nominal ledgers between 4000 and 9997.

Hi Glen,

Thank you for the quick reply.

Sorry I don’t think I explained question very well.

I had exported this report but the description of items that are purchase invoices and sales invoices just gives the invoice reference and not what those invoices were for (for example “copy paper” in stationery as apposed to “purchase invoice QF00010”)

Is there a report that will show the invoice detail as well as the invoice number/ref? for the whole of the general ledger.

Many thanks


I’m afraid there’s no such report. The problem is if you have an invoice with 3 lines all posted to the same nominal, it will only insert one aggregate nominal transaction in the accounts. From a nominal ledger perspective it’s then difficult to have a single entry describing three different lines on an invoice.

The other issue here is that some users have very large 1000+ character descriptions which can’t exist in the nominal transaction table. This table is designed to be fast and light weight, it currently contains 15 million + records. If the descriptions are in there too it will hugely impact system performance.

So essentially there’s a few technical reasons why this can’t be done.