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Discount globally applied to invoice but whole discount allocated to one category

We sometimes give customers a discount and I use the discount box on the invoice. This then applies and shows a discount to the whole invoice amount which is great. I have just discovered, however, that the whole discount has been applied to the first line of the invoice when posting to the category (nominal code). The second line category has the undiscounted price applied.

I’m sure I’ve seen this mentioned before on here, and I believe QuickFile staff said it was done that way to avoid rounding errors when splitting the discount across codes would result in fractions of a penny needing to be applied to each line.

Thanks for your reply Ian. It wouldn’t be difficult to program the system to ensure that there were no fractions - the odd penny (if there was one) could be applied to any one line, resulting in only one line being very slightly wrong. As it stands, I have two lines which are completely the wrong amount (on one invoice) which I now need to correct by posting manual journal entries. Unfortunately this is not the first problem I have found by accident whilst trying to sort out other problems. I am just wondering what I am going to find next.

Hi @Silverfrost

Just to confirm @ian_roberts’ post - this is by design.

You may wish to add your vote to this feature request: Sales Invoice Discount

This topic may also be of interest: Discount isn't applied evenly in P&L report

Thank you, I have added comments to both of those topics.

For my situation I will need to journal out the errors since I don’t think it appropriate to amend an invoice which has already been sent out to (and paid by) the customer. Luckily, this appears to be the only one and now at least I know about it for future.

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