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Downgrade my account


I do not have many entries in the accounts this year and for future can you please downgrade my account


Hi @Imran_Amin

Your account size is based on the usage in the last 12 months. Once your account falls below 1,000 nominal ledger entries created in the last rolling 12 month period, the account will automatically fall into the M category (or lower).

There’s more information on this here:


I cannot go to settings to check my account size ??? asks me to pay 1st for power user


If you’re being prompted for the payment, it does seem that your account would be either L or XL.

If you haven’t had a Power User Subscription previously, and you haven’t used the deferral period, you can activate this for 14 days to give you access.

I will however send you a private message now to get a few details and just confirm this for you. Please look for a green notification in the top right corner.


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