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Download of all income and outgoings showing gross, VAT & net



I would like to get an itemised download off all transactions by date showing income and outgoings and showing gross, VAT and net values.

I would like this to satisfy myself that I have entered all data correctly for VAT returns.

Is is possible?

Thanks in advance for your help


Hi @Sierra-Lima

If it’s just for a VAT return, when you create the return (and before you submit it), you can download a backing report which will list all invoices/payments included, along with their net and VAT totals.

There isn’t a gross value, but it is compatible with software such as Excel, so you could easily add a SUM column to calculate this.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Mathew.
Is there a way to do this after a VAT return has been submitted and/or for bespoke time periods?


You can go back into any return submitted through QuickFile and download the report. It’s just after the return has been submitted this report won’t change.

You could export a list of invoices or even perform an account back up, but the latter isn’t filterable by date. Hopefully this may help:


Thanks again Mathew. The data back up route does what I need.

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Hi Sierra
Could you please let me know in which menu the data back up route is as I also require the same report
showing Gross VAT and net.
Kind Regards


Click on Account Settings on the top navigation bar, and select All Settings . This will show a list of all settings on your account. Within the account settings main page you will see an option ‘ Weekly/Monthly Backups ’. Click this link and you will see a simple form where you can input the start date and specify the frequency (e.g. weekly or monthly).

If you would like an on-demand backup, once you’ve set up your schedule, you will see an option to “Run Now”. This will take a few minutes and will then either email you a copy of your new backup, or upload it to Dropbox - depending on your settings.

In the download zip, the CSV ‘Purchase Invoice Items’ contains all the purchases net of VAT and the VAT so by adding these you can get the gross figures.

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