Enhanced Profit & Loss Report

We’re please to announce a brand new enhanced profit and loss report for all Affinity users. The new report allows to you easily visualise trends in your profit and loss by segmenting the data into months, quarters and fiscal years.

You can access the new report for any company managed in Affinity by going into the detail screen and clicking on the button in the top right hand corner.

We hope you like the new report, let us know what you think!


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Hi Glenn
I just signed up for Affinity so I could see the report - thanks for setting it up.
When time permits, may I suggest that the expenses are positive numbers as is usual practice.
Also, could a Year filter be added as a user may wish to see this report for a prior year.

Kind regards

Thanks for the feedback Gary, I will take a look at the expenses column.

There should already be a year filter at the top. You can segment the report in months, quarters or years, you can also use the back arrows to page back through historic data.

Thanks re Expenses column
Ah, ok re back arrows.

The expense column has been fixed and will update on the live system later today.

HI Glenn,
I think I’m being completely dense, but I just cant find the enhanced profit and loss report, I’ve gone through my affinity dashboard into the clients file, and then to the clients dashboard, I’m missing something completely obvious I’m sure, but i cant see that “view details profit and loss report” anywhere - sorry to open up an old topic!


why is it always after struggling to find something for ages, you ask then question, then hey presto there it was all the time!!

No problem, glad you found it :+1:

Isn’t affinity for accountants who manage QF accounts on a white label arrangement? This is a super great feature. Will it be available for all accounts to use. Non affinity?

I Agree!!!

I think this would make a great addition to all accounts…especially if there was a buget column alongside. would it be possible…would even pay for the addition.


Yeah. I have a friend who current run two companies… I’m trying to talk him away from Sage but he will miss the budget report, plus similar to above that report is currently very useful. I’ve just posted another question actually about heading / sub heading on the P&L for department expenses. It otherwise a brilliant product. Just needs to get a bit more detailed in some areas.

But failing the above everything can be CSV so it could always be easily dropped into an external report.

If there’s a demand for bring this into the main application we will certainly look at that, it would likely be part of a power-user subscription… something we are working on at the moment.


What sort of items are likely to be included within the power subscription?


Initially we will include the following functionality in the Power-User subscription:

We are hoping the two areas in development will be ready by January 2015, this will coincide with when the subscription will become chargeable.

This list will expand as a number of the new features we will be working on will only be available with this subscription. There will be more of an emphasis in 2015 to develop useful add-ons for QuickFile and many of these will be rolled into the Power-User subscription.

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Many Thanks Glen

It is something i will definitely take up.

Can i ask also. There is a more detailed monthly break down of Profit & loss report in the affinity model. Will or can that be included?? It would be a great addition. Especially if we could use our own budgeted forecast for each month alongside it.


Yes I agree that it would be a nice addition. I’ve asked the development team to look at this but I’m confident we can get this included too. I will provisionally update that list for now.

Excellent news. Sorry to push but do you know approx when in January this will be available to us?