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Error Message when attempting to submit my VAT return

Hi there
I’ve submitted several quarterly returns without issue and tonight an error message came up saying I needed accounting records to make the digital return and should use bridging software instead for a monthly fee?
Not sure why it’s changed? Its asking me to create a new account - but I already have one?
Really baffled.
Would appreciate any help.

Do you speak about quickfile? If so, do you use the newer MTD version or still the old one? If you used the old one the last time you should may change it now.

Unless you don’t want or have to yet, but I do not think that is relevant here anyway.

The actual “error” is because Quickfile now enforces the rules and does not allow you to just submit a return using only adjustments. This has always been the HMRC rule but it was not mandatory in Quickfile, but it is now.

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Thanks for your replies - managed to sort it via clicking the ‘bridging’ box in settings and then uploading my own form.

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