Fast Tag Mode - Exits On Delete/Skip

Continuing the discussion from Speed up receipt tagging:

The new fast tagging is great but I have got a bit behind with my bookkeeping lately and have many many receipts to fast tag so this is really helping. The only downside is what happens when I have a non-receipt in the receipt hub, e.g. email sent to the receipt hub that isn’t a receipt.

If I delete it I get sent back to the main screen and if I skip it I get asked to tag it again after I have tagged the next receipt.

This behaviour is fine in non-fast tag mode but I would expect to see in fast tag mode this either go to the next receipt on delete or persist the skip/ignore tag until you are done so you can delete the errant mails.

Sure, it makes sense not to redirect to the main list in FastTag mode. I’ll add this to our planner now, should be a simple fix.

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@Lurch, just a quick one to let you know that this has been implemented.

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