Goodwill Credit Note for Supplier

Can you help me please I am new to QF and cannot see a way on my system to do this?

Many Thanks

Can you please explain a little more about the situation and I’ll do my best to help you?

There’s also a general guide on Credit Notes here. Although the examples relate to client credit notes, the same concept applies for supplier credit notes.

Thank you
I have a credit note from a supplier which I need to pay this month and I cannot see where to add their credit note.

Was this a previously issued credit note from an earlier invoice that was held on account, and you are now trying to use this to pay down a newer invoice?

This is a credit note from a supplier that is not linked to a previous invoice. I would like to put it towards an invoices that this supplier has issued us this month.

You will need to link the Credit Note to something. Why was the credit note issued by the supplier? Was it a goodwill gesture or something else?

It was a rebate from the supplier so yes like a goodwill gesture.

Here are the steps for you to input this transaction:

In the banking section create a new account called “Goodwill” under the cash accounts section:

This can act as a holding area for any credit notes you wish to carry forward from before you started using QuickFile.

Now return to the supplier detail screen and in the “More Options” menu and select the option “New Prepayment”.


Now in the dialogue box enter the credit amount and set the “paid from” account to “Goodwill”. You can also set the date to when the credit was issued.


Now when you later lodge a purchase invoice to this supplier you can use the credit to pay down that invoice.


Hope that helps, please let me know if I can be of further assistance.