How do I show CIS deductions on an invoice?

Hi Joe, any news on officially supporting CIS,

my problem is my clients one in particular a government transport company requires I show the total then cis amount deducted then the amount due as follows, any advice on how to display this on the invoice ?
SubTotal: £10,000
VAT: £ 2,000
Total £12,000

CIS (£ 1000)
Balance Due £11,000

Hello @abcwizards

While there isn’t a tick box solution, there is a method of separating the CIS in QuickFile. I’ve included the two links for these guides below:

Regarding showing the CIS on the invoice, the following topic may be of help:

CIS Deductions showing on invoice

This doesn’t put the cis after the invoice total, and also doesn’t allow to show a final amount due ? Any Ideas please ?

There isn’t a way to add it after the total I’m afraid. Only the solution suggested in the topic I linked to above - include it as an invoice line.

With the negative line, it would reduce the balance. Although you may also wish to add your vote to this feature request:

Sub Totals as Invoice Lines

Not sure how CIS would show.

I did manually change the invoice but thats not ideal, most of the contractors invoiced won’t pay without the CIS amount showing and the amount due showing ?

it seems like a mess to solve by putting in a negative line and that’s not a the bottom where the person payment would expect to see the CIS amount ?

CIS itself isn’t officially supported at this time, so the only way to show it is to use a workaround. However, I’m away of quite a few users of QuickFile who use the methods outlined in our guides above without any issues.

The only thing I can suggest at the moment is to find a suitable workaround which works for you (whether that be the ones above or something more tailored to your business and clients), and add your vote to the relevant feature requests. We do actively monitor these so it’s worthwhile doing it.

Is there an official CIS solution or at least the ability to add writing underneath the total on the right for example.

CIS Deduction £ 1,000
Balance Due £ 11.000

If there is already someone making this feature request please point me to where I can vote.

The recommended workarounds are the two guides linked from my previous post.

There isn’t a way to customise the way the totals are shown at the moment.

There is an existing CIS request on the forum, which can be found here:

I hope this helps.

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