Sub Totals as Invoice Lines

The “convert line to comment” feature is brilliant and it’s used daily by us. But I think that a good compliment to this could be “section sub total”, so from the last comment line down. It would be very useful for when you’re quoting for many parts of a job.

So like this:

Bricks <- This exists as a comment line
Red Bricks £200 <- regular invoice line
Green Bricks £200 <- regular invoice line
Sub total £400 <- auto calculating subtotal line

Roofing <- This exists as a comment line
Truss £2000 <- regular invoice line
Tiles £5000 <- regular invoice line
Sub Total £7000 <- auto calculating subtotal line

Then totals in the footer as they are now.

Anyone +1 this?


Thank you for the suggestion!

As per the other topic, we’ll leave this open and see what other members of the community think of it before looking into it further.

It would be a “nice to have” for use. Probably +0.5 rather than +1

It would also be nice to put sub-totals in, for example we do shop fits so would like to quote per area or an item that is made up of component parts can be shown as a subtotal price grouped together…

This would be very useful, and might help with showing CIS aswell

We’ve just created two new invoice line options to allow PDF page breaks and grouped sub-totals.

Invoice and estimate line settings

I’d be interested to hear any feedback on this.

Hi Glenn

Feedback as requested:

  • Thank you so much for this! This has really tidied up our quotes and invoices.
  • It would be amazing to have both page breaks AND subtotals. Subtotal first, then page break?
  • Is it possible to have these tallied up in the totals block - maybe give names to the subtotal groups?

Once again, thanks for the continued improvement on the one piece of software that has changed the way we run our business.