List of Recurring Journals

I use recurring journals for depreciation.

Is there a page that lists the recurring journals and shows how many times it has been run? Or can I search for them?

I found the help article here:

and it shows this image


But in my journal management screen, I don’t have the recurring column, my screen looks like this:

and I have to scroll down to find the original recurring journal.


I’m wondering if I’m missing something?


Hello @Darren_Smith
The screenshot you are referring to needs updating, the interface no states type (recurring symbol or reversal symbol

The article states " You can see a list of recurring profile templates on the journal management screen. Those journals with schedules associated to them will show a small calendar icon () in the list. If you wish to prematurely cancel a schedule you can do so by previewing the original master journal, clicking the yellow tab and deleting the schedule."

The same process applies but I will get the article updated with new images and also this line

“clicking the yellow tab and deleting the schedule.”"
replaced with
clicking edit and deleting the schedule.



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Thanks Steve,

I think what I was looking for is a way to show all the recurring journals, as if they were a report.

For example, in the journal search box:

I thought I could search for the recurring journals only - ignoring all the others.


Hello @Darren_Smith

That’s not possible at present but, I have changed the category of this feed to feature request. That way other forum members can vote on it and we can gauge the interest.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your reply.

It’s not a huge thing if this isn’t possible, it would have been useful bit it’s not essential.

It amuses me that QF quite often moves things into the Feature Request category saying that there’s no interest in developing this function!

It’s like sending it to the feature graveyard!

Look at this one from May 2017 (5 years ago)

and this one from November 2018

RIP :slight_smile:

Hello @Darren_Smith

Feature requests do get implemented with enough interest.

You can search feature request in the forum and view sub category’s for Implemented, planned etc

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