Lost all of my quickfile accounting information

I don’[t mind paying for access to the Quickfile system but not when I am prompted to do so and then lose all of my accounting information. I am due to submit my accounts to the accountant for by end of year accounts for Companies House and lost ALL OF IT.
Please advise

When do you have to pay for QuickFile?

QuickFile requires a subscription if you have created over 1,000 ledger entries within a 12 month period.

There are guides on how to check your usage here:
Account size explained

What items make up your ledger count

How to check t he size of your account

QuickFile does not automatically clear any data, only you can request to clear the data on the account

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What are the prices cos I can’t find them anywhere

Hi @JoeT

You can find all the details on pricing on the main website: QuickFile Pricing

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Oh wow. That pricing is incredible guys :clap:
I wasn’t expecting that. I’m still on XS so nothing to worry about yet but that’s really good


Hi, same thing happened to me. I was prompted to pay which I just did. However, all clients’ details and documents were gone. Is there a way to get them back other than requesting to access their account again?

Hi @AccountingSquare1

Try logging out and back in again - there is not reason for the data to have dissapeared. It may be that you haven’t logged in as the main admin


Thank you for quick response.
Still do not see anything.

Can I just check that you use the same email as you have used for this forum?

Yes, same email address.

Hi @AccountingSquare1

Thanks for confirming - I can see that it is registered to an Affinity account rather than a QuickFile account. With Affinity if the account runs out of credit any linked profiles will be removed so that you don’t accumulate too much arrears. You can either send out link requests to those accounts or I can re-instate the accounts that were removed. I can see there were 4?

@QFBeth Yes, there were 4. I would appreciate if you could re-instate the accounts. Some clients are very slow to respond. Thank you very much for your help.

Hi @AccountingSquare1

You may need to log out and back in again to see the changes.

That is great. Thank you very much.

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