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Multiple Delivery Addresses


I have a customer with multiple invoicing postal addresses depending on what part of their company we are dealing with.

Is there a way we can input multiple addresses and then choose from the selection if this particular company is being invoiced/estimated?

If not what would you suggest is the best way of dealing with multiple address while keeping the company as one entity in QF ?

Projects listed by customer and delivery address

Hi @richiekk

Unfortunately it’s not possible to store multiple invoice addresses for one client at the moment.

I don’t recall this coming up before, so if you wish I can change this to a feature request and we can see if there’s any interest from the wider community? If there is an interest, we’ll happily take a closer look.


Yes, can you please make it a feature request



I have similar issues with doing work for landlords and companies with multiple sites. I usually just enter the actual site/property address as a comment line in the invoice. You can just select a previous invoice and then copy it to save retyping every time, depending how many sites and invoices/estimates are generated.

It would be handy to actually enter this into an address list in Quickfile though, but sometimes I have multiple sites on a single invoice so the comment line method works best for me anyway usually.

@QFSupport these topics seem to be existing feature requests for basically the same thing, pretty sure there is another one but my memory isn’t what it used to be;



Hi @Lurch

I did come across the two posts you linked to when looking for existing features, but I’m reading these as different requests.

The links you refer to are asking for an invoice address plus a delivery address, whereas @richiekk is asking more for multiple invoice addresses stored against a client (such as different offices or departments).

However, @richiekk, if you could confirm this please, that would be great. If needed, I’ll happily merge the topics.


Maybe, tomato/potato I suppose.

I was thinking that multiple addresses in general would be under the same heading, and probably part of the same feature if it comes to it being added. I suppose it depends, possibly!


My thinking was along with Lurch’s. It depends on how the underlying database was designed though


I’d really like multiple address delivery/invoice addresses too.
I guess it comes with the advent of your stock list - this means that Quickfile becomes good for business’s that sell stuff, rather than just service companies.
Several of my clients do work for blue chip companies, and they are so insistent on the Invoice going to the correct address and the delivery note/sales order often need to go to a completely different depot.
Both invoices and goods can be rejected if they haven’t got the correct address even with sales order numbers etc - big companies have to follow proceedure and don’t allow for people in accounts department having common sense (sad but true)
So thats my vote!!


Hi, I would also give this feature a thumbs up. We also have clients with multiple locations and billing addresses.


Hi, as a B2B manufacturing business I would like to have this feature implemented too


I’d like this feature too pleae


Any update on this? Seems this is a cloud based accounting issue. Very nearly bit the bullet and subscribed to QuickBooks until I realised their cloud offering doesn’t do what the desktop version does (namely an address list that can be used for shipping/alternate invoice address). You could be ahead of the crowd if you managed to get this feature implemented. I haven’t looked at a lot of the other paid subscription software as their prices are worse than quickbooks, but I may have to soon.

I’ll keep checking back as currently I’m still running on 6 year old desktop software with no mobile option which although annoying and outdated is my only real option.


Hi @Matthew_Sharlot

There are no updates here I’m afraid, but we will update this post if anything changes. Depending on your forum settings, you may receive an email when we post here. I believe by default this shows up as “Tracked” at the bottom of the thread itself.


I would like to see this feature too please.

I have the accounts set up for the invoicing address and my colleague has to remember to change the address to raise a delivery note and then I have to amend back for the invoice!

As you can imagine this gets very complicated and sometimes goods are sent to the wrong address…