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Next button on purchase invoices


Could you look at providing a next button when entering supplier invoices. It would be much quicker if you could save and then it be ready automatically for the next entry rather than having to go out and in again for every invoice you want to put on.


How are you entering these currently?

If you enter your purchases via the receipt hub using the fast tag mode (an option you have to enable in the company settings) you can rattle through purchase entry at lightning speed!


Thanks Lurch but most of my purchases are by invoice and not necessarily paid yet so need entering as an invoice. I have been practising and found a few shortcuts but i’m used to sage where I can enter in a batch so a lot to get used too.



You can still enter all of the purchases via the receipt hub, you just don’t mark them as paid if you haven’t paid them.

When you say most of the purchases are via invoice though, what do you mean? The reciept is exactly for this purpose, you upload all of your receipts and invoices and create purchase invoices for them from there. Then when you pay the purchase invoice you mark it as paid up, either by bank tagging or manually assigning a payment to the purchase itself.

Have you read thse guides?


Thanks have got this and tagging is brilliant although would be better if Danske bank could be downloaded. Most of my invoices come through the post at the end of the month I have a few come by email which I will be transferring.


OK. I scan all mine in and all my purchases are done via the receipt hub. I guess you mean you are entering purchases manually and not uploading them at all?


yep I know old fashioned but for me quicker just what i’m used too although I will give it a go.



Hi @mcneillfarms

Would the bulk input tool be suitable? They would be one-line invoices, but you can enter multiple invoices in one go: The multi-invoice entry form

These can be found under the Sales menu for sales invoices, and Purchases for purchase invoices.

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