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Password Stronger

Hi trying to change my password, have tried various made up ones but it keeps asking to be stronger. Any help please.

Passwords are best when they appear random, so are not recognisable words or numbers in succession.

Try replacing a letter with a number and adding Capitals and also a symbol into the password.

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Password Policy This guide may help you in deciding your password :slight_smile:

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Tried using a strong password generator still asking for stronger. Very Strange

Is it actually asking for a stronger password or is it saying yours is using invalid characters?

What is the exact error message?

Please choose a stronger password

  • Avoid dictionary words, common names and repetition. Use upper & lower-case letters with numbers and symbols to strengthen your password.
    Using a password generator

Hi @morayweb,

Have you tried making it slightly longer? or adding different capitals/numbers/symbols?

Hi I managed to login using my mobile which had the password saved then I changed the password there and now logged in thanks very much. What I was going to do was delete all transaction I have put in and import a csv file I have. Is it quite easy to scrub the account and restart.

Hi, yes it is easy to scrub the account.

There is a guide that can help you How do I clear my account?

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