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PayPal Multi-Currency Support

We have just recently completed a number of enhancements to the PayPal feed that will allow us to handle foreign currency payments. Previously the feed would skip over any non-GBP entries which would leave gaps in your PayPal statement and involve manual reconciliation.

As discussed in other threads, PayPal unfortunately only update the exchange rate several days after the transaction is processed. This has always made it difficult to handle foreign currency activity for accounting purposes via the PayPal feed.

We now however provide users with the ability to import any non-GBP transaction, and to use a live rate supplied by xe.com (our foreign currency rate provider). This means we can avoid any gaps in your PayPal statement.

This feature is currently in Beta mode so if you’re handling foreign currency payments and would like to try this out please message me with your account number and we’ll get this enabled on your account.

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