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Payroll Module

Any plans to do Payroll? We have one company where we only pay ourselves annually and everyone wants £x/ month and can’t cope with annual. So I have to use the horrible HMRC tools.

Hi @ukprop

Not at this moment in time unfortunately. However, we do link up with The Payroll Site. It is an external tool, but once you complete payroll there, they will send the relevant journal straight to your QuickFile account.

Here’s a bit more information on this, if you’re interested: The Payroll Site - Setup

It doesn’t matter if you pay yourself annually, you can file a monthly fps and credit each month to the DLA until you take your salary.

I think the op was looking for a way to file monthly fps without having to resort to HMRC Basic Tools.

For the price of Moneysoft or Brightpay, I don’t see the issue personally. But from the way the op wrote his query, it appears they take an annual pay and submit an annual fps using hmrc basic tools. My suggestion was to use another payroll provider and split the annual amount over 12 months. You can file if you wish, all 12 fps at once and then the entry on quickfile is to post it to the DLA, and then post when you take your salary to the DLA again.

Remember an FPS should be filed “On or before” each pay date. So there’s nothing stopping you from filing 12 months of FPS in month 1 if you know what your annual salary is.

I agree that it is possible to file 11 FPS showing no payment on 6 April and then file 1 in March showing the annual payment made. However, if a director wants to make annual payments, and given that HMRC accept them, payroll software should allow for it. Sadly I haven’t found one that does. Anyone wnat to join me in lobbying Moneysoft (the software I use for my payroll clients) to introduce annual payments?

Keytime payroll manager handles annual payrolls, but they were bought out by Iris a few years back, and operate a very unfair renewal terms and price hike, so I wouldn’t recommend moving to them.

But I agree, it would be nice for Money manager to implement an annual pay scheme, although I believe they cant for some reason ive forgotten.