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Printing Payment Slips


We’ve just released an update that will now allow you to view your sales and purchase payment slips in PDF format, these can then be printed and distributed as required.

This is really just the first stage in a series of enhancements aimed at allowing Remittance Advice slips to be created, customised (to some degree) and sent to your clients/suppliers.

Some further additions we are planning are as follows:

  • Allow the name of the document to be customised (Currently it will only show as PAYMENT).
  • Allow the document to be emailed as an attachment to the client/supplier.
  • Allow certain fields to be hidden or made visible.

We will of course let you know about any future improvements here.

Print supplier payment - remittance advice
Printed Remittance Advice
Printing a payment
Customise Supplier Payment Slip


Not sure what fields you plan to make visible, but in our case for purchase payments, making the supplier reference visible would be a good one.



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Printing Payment Slips - Show Supplier Reference