Projects in Quick File

Today we have released a new set of tools for managing projects. This is essentially Projects 1.0 so it will likely evolve over the coming months. What we have right now is the ability to apply project tags to invoices, purchases, estimates and purchase orders so they can be grouped together into a logical container, for reporting purposes.

To get started all you need to do is tag an invoice.

When you apply the same tag to your other sales or purchases (the predictive search will help you here) all those items will be grouped together so that you can obtain a detailed report to show accrual and cash based profitability.

You can easily see which items exist under a project tag and drill down using the Show tagged items menu.

You can also pull up a detail Profit and Loss report just for your project.

I’ve really just skimmed over the key features here. You can read more about projects in the full guide right here.

Hope you find it useful!

What next…?

We plan to develop a time-tracking module for Quick File later this year. This will bolt onto the existing project reporting area so that you can keep a track of any unbilled time in relation to the projects you’re working on. We will keep you posted!

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I cant get this feature to work, im trying to name a purchase order and an invoice g5060, is there a minimum amount of characters or something i should be using?

It seems to work for me. Its a great idea.

I can’t seem to get it to move my sales invoice into this tax year, or see where it allows you to move expenses for accrual either though.

Seemed to work ok when I tested. It should look like this:

Then just confirm and the tag will be created. There’s no minimum length.

All reporting in projects is based on the issue date for the underlying sales invoice, or receipt date in the case of purchase invoices. It will always take the full value of any tagged invoice so unfortunately you can’t apportion a part of an invoice to a project right now.

One other thing to note here, if you are not getting the grey hovering button to add new tags you may be using the old invoice template. The tagging system is only supported on the newer invoice templates (introduced in August 2013). You can check by going into the sales menu then selecting invoice customisation from the dashboard.

If you are on the old system you will see a large banner at the top with a link to upgrade.

After upgrading it should then work fine!

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