Projects - item level tagging

Loving the project feature, but a quick question about it…

I have an invoice which has, lets say £50 worth of costs to the same supplier, but these costs cover multiple projects. Is there a way to divide the cost between the different projects so it reflects accurately in the cost and profit side of things for the tagged projects?

(hope that makes sense!)

We did consider this on the initial build but it would have required a huge rewrite of most of our data views so we decided against this approach. The solution at the moment would be to split the purchase invoice in two. In all honesty it’s unlikely we will add item level tagging anytime soon, we’re much more likely to go down the route of allowing generic adjustments to be applied in the project.

That’s ok - it doesn’t cause any issues or anything. The adjustments seem to be a good idea.

In all honesty, I think what you’ve suggested (the adjustments) seems a reasonable approach

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I like the idea of reporting and I tagged a purchase order, though when I created an invoice I found it didn’t have a tag facility?

Then saw I had to generate an invoice from the project section, unless I am reading it incorrectly.
Good but I would rather worth through all my end of month invoicing then tag them up accordingly at the end.

Take a look here, you’re probably on the old invoice template:

Great stuff Glenn, I have switched over to new and did a bit of CSS customisng. All looks good now.
Just wondering… the page seems small with just a few products. If a large listing to be invoiced, does it know how to split and run to a new page? just in case they want to print out to A4 at their end. Shouldn’t be much of an issue as most of mine fit to one A4 size. Additionally ideally it would be good for the totals and footer to snap to the base as it would fill an A4 and look more professional and standardised.

Otherwise very pleased thanks

The problem is with the PDF convertor which basically just takes a snapshot of the HTML, it has no concept of where pages begin and end so it’s almost impossible to gracefully split the content from one page to the next. The options are a very generic (predictable) invoice format that can be split, or a high level of customisation (with CSS) that can’t be split. As more people dispense with PDFs (and printing in general) I think the high level of customisation is a better way to go.

Regarding the footer, if you use the PDF footer box it will always snap to the bottom of every PDF page.

Although you can’t tag a project to a specific line item on an invoice, you can now use the new Project Adjustments feature for apportioning a smaller amount from an invoice to a project.

Say you have an invoice for £100 tagged to a project. If in actual fact only £10 of that sale was attributable to that particular project, you can now enter an adjustment for -90 to revise the project totals.

As I say it doesn’t directly answer the original question but it is a solution in terms of getting the figures where you want them to be. For that reason I will tentatively mark this as Implemented :smile:

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