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Purchase Orders - Attach files facilty


As with Sales Estimates can we have the facility to attach files to Purchase Orders, it would be useful to file a suppliers quotation, etc to the order.

Purchase Orders attachments

The difference with POs is there is no supplier area as there is with clients and the PO just gets emailed as an attachment. When you attach a file to a sales invoice/estimate it actually appears as a link on the client area.

We don’t want to be emailing file attachments with POs as people tend to upload huge files and it really kills our bandwidth. The best solution would be to embed a link in the notes/description and host the file either from our Receipt Hub or the public folder in Dropbox (or some other cloud storage service).


Hi Glen
I too would appreciate being able to attch the manufacturer’s specifications to a purchase order as it is clear and precise what is being purchased and manufactured.
I note your banwidth concern but am nervous of multiple and labour intensive steps to follow your suggestions.
Is there a seamless way to insert a link from the ReceiptHub/docs and could you make this a button/feature of the notes section?



As @Glenn explained there is a different method of holding correspondences between the Sales and Purchase Ledgers.

However, perhaps there would be a possibility to add a similar document area to the Purchase Orders, in the same way as Purchase Receipts are attached to a Purchase invoice. This would avoid the necessity for a Supplier area.

A document(s) attached to a Purchase Order would then show as “Receipts” in Document Manager.

An additional custom token would also need to be added to the routine email “New Purchase Order Created” @AttachedFileList@


Physically attaching files to the emails will not be an option, however as @alan_mcbrien suggests we could look at allowing files to be linked from the Document Management area. This is how we current handle purchase and sales invoices. You can then embed links to the files on your outbound emails.

We will need to do a quick assessment on this first to see what work is involved. I will report back as soon as I know more.


Hi Glen. Any update on this?
Yesterday I sent a Purchase order - but needed to send the quotation and specification paperwork as well, so had to do a seperate email. Messy!
So I converted to an invoice, attached the docs required - but there’s no way to email from this and so it all feals rather clunky!
Hopefully you can upgrade this to a smoother functionality really soon.
Many thanks


I’m sorry we’ve not had a chance to review this yet. We have some larger projects around Open Banking and MTD that we need to conclude first. We should be able to take a look in the New Year.


either this or about to upload a csv file to populate the P/O fields a can have up to 40, so i dot use P/O totally unsuitable for us , ok if you have 4 to 5 lines other than that not a usable functionality.

Cant even load all the products from different supplier in to a individual price book.

Uploading CSV file would be great