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Quickfile and PAYE

I’ve just registered my company for PAYE.
Just learning, and it seems I need PAYE software.
Does Quickfile do PAYE, or do I need a separate software/service?

You would need separate PAYE software

Hi @ScrumpyJack

We do link up with The Payroll Site which may be of interest:
The Payroll Site - Setup

Aha, found lots of threads when searching for the term Payroll on this forum. I had been searching the term PAYE and didn’t get much in return :slight_smile:

Can anyone suggest some geeky Payroll online software with an API?
Something with the Quickfile 1990s look and feel :wink:

I use MyPAYE.co.uk and I’m happy to share the scripts I use to pull payroll data from their API and push it into QuickFile’s if you’re interested.

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Hi ian_roberts,
Do you use a special software or app to run your script, or can you add this script in quickfile somewhere and somehow? Thank you

My scripts for this are here:

I’m a programmer in my “day job” so I tend to prototype things as command line applications (as these are the simplest type to write when starting out on a new project) and only add a GUI or deeper integration with other things when I have reason to go beyond the prototype. So this “integration” is actually a command-line script written in Groovy. I’ve just updated the README file to hopefully explain it all step by step but feel free to PM me if you have problems with it.


Hi ian_roberts,
Thank you very much for your reply, it is very much appreciated.