RE: reverse charge invoice on service purchase from eu


Can someone please provide a solution on how to do what’s is listed below, since we have a lot of payment to eBay which are a service and not goods

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this seems to be a big downfall in QF, and ultimately since our business is eBay based, if there is no easy solution to this issue, we may have to look at moving away from QF to another package/service.

Any pointers would be gratefully appreciated

Firstly bear in mind that the boxes on the VAT return affected here are statistic boxes and as such won’t change your final VAT calculations.

Also there are a number of forthcoming legislative changes affecting the handling of VAT in all EU member states, some of these changes are outlined here on the GOV.UK site.

We are likely to look at this in Q1 of 2015 when we have a clearer picture of the changes. This will save us from investing a lot of resources into re-coding the system only for the rules to change again. VAT is not a simple area so we want to take our time with this and get it right.

So there a no implications, due the VAT amounts showing in the wrong boxes ?

I’m not aware of what the implications will be for not adjusting the boxes for EC purchases when acquiring services, you’d need to check this with HMRC. All I am saying is that getting the correct VAT figure for box 5 will likely be of greater importance than the statistics boxes.

For now I world recommend manually adjusting the boxes as previously discussed. We will review the situation in Q1 of 2015 and update users accordingly.

Sounds Good. Will be perfect if there was just a little tick box to say it was a service and then it does not record the VAT in the EC boxes, but in the correct VAT boxes instead.