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Read only access to Quickfile


I run a charity that works in close partnership with two others with whom we share financial planning. I would like to give the treasurers of these organisations access to our Quickfile accounts on a read only basis.

In addition, I would like to give read only access to the person who will be examining our accounts before they are filed with the Charity Commission.

In the user configuration section of Quickfile there are various options to restrict access but these all seem to be “all or none” (either access is denied completely, or access is granted with full read/write capability).

Please could you clarify if there is any “read only” option, and if not, could such a feature be considered?

There is no explicit “read only” option in Quick File. You may be able to use a combination of privileges to get the desired effect or you can certainly build your own interface via the API to achieve this.

I’m afraid this feature is not something currently on our development plan, but if it becomes a more popular request we can certainly reconsider.


I know I am resurrecting an old topic but I just wanted to highlight interest in view only too or if the old situation has changed since I would appreciate an update.

I am Treasurer of a charity and have given access to other trustees but in selecting the user account options I have disabled functions I would want them to be able to see but not edit - in particular how much we have in our bank accounts and what the transactions are. Is there a way for me to give them access to the Banking tab but without an ability to change the bank information?



Glenn, I also support this idea to have READ ONLY users here as a “future enhancement”.

I don’t know how HMRC Tax compliance check works, I never had, but it would be great to send them a RO user logon details and let them do the work remotely.


We also have clients who require this as a feature


I’d like to add my support for READ ONLY access. Basically it would be good for people to have read/write to areas they work and read only to some others. For example it would be useful if our supplier manager could create supplier stuff but can also see customer details but can’t add any payments or change anything. Read only across everything should be an option.

thanks, Karen

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+1 I would like to see options for read only access.

I would also like to add my vote for read only access. Would be useful to have.

+1 for Read only and not the combined Read/Modify for users.

+1 Quickfile is very powerful, allowing you to do great things with a few clicks. This is a blessing in most circumstances but could be dangerous in less experienced hands.

It worries me giving edit access to someone who really only needs to read the values. Specifically, being able to view invoices without the edit access would be a welcome change.

+1 for read only access.

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