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Recent Events (Dashboard) and Event Log (Administrator only)

Activated the new experimental dashboard :grinning: Thank you @Glenn and your team for the continous development of your excellent product.

The new experimental dashboard had been ignored by me as an option because simply after so many years of navigating around QF using the original dashboard there seemed to be no obvious additional features with the new experimental dashboard.

I revisited the new dashboard interface after inquiring about where to find “Need to filter by date or event type?” as this feature is unavailable with the original dashboard and @rhc suggested giving the new interface another go…Recent Events log report “Need to filter by date or event type?” - #7 by rhc
To get to the link “Need to filter by date or event type?” in Recent Events presently involves a couple of clicks through the most recent events before seeing the link…perhaps this could be included at the top of “Recent Events”

This would enable jumping to the “Event Log” without the two additional clicks!


Being able to search by “Event notes” i.e. look up a particular sales invoice or purchase by QF reference should be included within the event log interface this would enable to readily view a particular record from the event log rather than drilling down via the individual record.

Another discrepancy is how “Recent Events” on the dashboard timestamp events…the previous seven days events are reported in a short form rather than displaying the data already stored in the event log;

TODAY 1h, 2h, …
OLDER EVENTS 29 Mar, 28 Mar, …

Displaying the date and time on the “Recent Events” would be more informative. This was the way recent events were displayed a few years ago but that was depreciated to the short form dating.

Please reinstate the timestamp format.