Refunding an Overpayment

Back in 2013 I asked a question here: Returning Overpayment and have just tried the same procedure, only being able to resolve using the solution I posted.

The scenario is where a customer pays for an amount accidentally, therefore there is no invoice to allocate the refund to having tagged the inbound payment as an amount with No VAT to their account.

There is no option (showing) to just refund which would allocate to the overpayment.


Hi @BanksyBoy

With an overpayment, there’s two options you can do first of all with the allocation.

If it’s to an invoice, you can select the ‘pay multiple’ option when tagging it, pay off the invoice and allocate the rest to the client account:

And then:

If it’s unassigned and you’re on the cash accounting VAT scheme, then this will default to recording the overpayment at 20%.

If there’s no invoice, then obviously you just allocate it to their account rather than an invoice.

Then, regarding the refund, you go into the payments (Sales >> View payments), find the payment you’ve just tagged, and view it:

You will then see a ‘refund payment’ option:

Hope that helps!

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That’s brilliant, many thanks.

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