Shortcut Keys being more of a hindrance than a help for me

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I Second the request for an option to be able to switch this feature on/off if i wish, its driving me nuts at min.

Even more so when i have filed info out and select a dropdown box or similar and press a key to get to the first option that starts with that letter and keep getting redirected and loose all i have typed.

More annoying is i keep forgetting about the shortcut keys and it happens multiple times.

Having keys that do actions in a browser without having to press key + key is very prone to mistakes by the user and the sequence key + key confirms that the user actually want to do that action because they are pressing multiple keys at the same time to get the desired result, and not just single keys that are used to type words from the language they speak.

If this feature has to stay for power users, would it not be possible to let users pick the keys or at the least a configuration option to turn off please.

We will have an option to switch this off, I think it will be there in the next release (this week). Also what we’ve being doing is adding a confirmation box to certain screens (where there’s a lot of text input) to warn users about the redirect rather than doing it automatically.

I explained in another thread about key combinations and the problems using the CTRL key to invoke these actions. I do agree though that these keyboard shortcuts should be entirely optional. With Gmail they are also single key commands but they are off by default.

ok great, just happened again lol hence me checking this thread, good to hear the option will be there though, dropdowns on supplier creation page is a pain, as i always hit the key for the first letter of the nominal account to select what the default is for the supplier, i.e. postage “P” whcih directs to new purchase which i aint quite ready for lol :smiley:

The dropdown issue actually needs to be addressed separately. I believe we focus on <inputs> and <textarea> but dropdowns are rendered into <select> tags, this must be explicitly handled.

I’m hoping the dropdown issue we can resolve today. The option to disable will hopefully be ready by the next release.


The dropdown issue has been solved. Although you may need to do a CTRL refresh to update the scripts.

Great i’ll give it a try shortly, hope it works…

Great seems to be working, so good so far and no refresh needed.

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