Show balance on partially paid invoices in invoice management view

My client has partially paid some invoices, and in other cases we have received a credit note relating to outstanding invoices. When we look at the Outstanding Purchases log, we see only the full amount of the invoice in the total, which is not actually the amount outstanding, so it gives an incorrect picture of what is owed. Can this be changed in any way so that only the remaining balance to be paid is shown?

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It can’t be changed to dynamically show the remaining balance, mainly due to some technical limitations. If you’re displaying 50 partial invoices at a time for each invoice the system needs to do quite a few nested queries to factor in refunds, bad-debt write-offs, payments etc… doing this times 50 puts a lot of load on our server, multiply this by many concurrent users and you see what the problem is.

We can therefore either have some way to hover/click and see on a per invoice basis or caching the results, which will only be done once every 24 hrs so will not be real time. We prefer the former as it’s not too difficult to implement and will not have any negative performance issues.

I see your point. But the hover/click method would be just fine I think - so long as there is an easy way of seeing what is outstanding without actually having to click away from the page to the invoice.

What I do… and I’m note sure if this is widely known is I click the invoice link while holding the CTRL key, that way it opens the invoice in a new tab and doesn’t disrupt the list of invoices on screen.

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Or, depending on browser and OS choice, just middle click (click the scroll wheel) the links. Even less effort!

Thanks all. That’s helped a lot.

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